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Production Facility

Production Department is the heart and running streamline of any industry. All the controlling and aiding departments are eventually working to ensure smooth and productive processing of materials which is the main domain of this department.

At Mass Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd., this department is under the direct supervision and control of an extremely dynamic leader and team builder who has an experience of over 3 decades comprising of his working in some of the top notch multinational industries.
The production department is thus divided into several sectional domains:

Oral Solid Dosage

State of the art facility of OSD with GMP Model Machines and all the advanced equipment to cover the production at the highest possible quality. Our OSD comprises of Simple Tablets, Bilayer Tablets, Tablet-in-Tablet, Sustained and Modified release Tablets, Capsules (Hard Gelatin) and Spansules.


Specialized facility of Derma comprises of advanced machinery and Profound Professionals to look after the section in which we manufacture the top of the line products in which we have the most widespread range all over the country. The dosage forms we manufacture are Creams, Ointments, Gels, Magmas, Lotions (Milky/Liquid), Solutions and Suspensoid applications.


Cephalosporin Area at Mass Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd. is completely segregated from the rest of the plant and has its own Receiving, Quarantine, Raw material Store and Finished Goods in Transition store with separate packing Unit. The equipment is specialized and sophisticated and the staff is highly qualified and very well trained. The area further comprises of Dry Powder Injectable area, Capsule area and Dry Powder for Suspension Area.


A completely segregated area which is fully compliant with international sterility standards. Strict controls are in place to maintain the prescribed temperature, humidity and differential air pressure during testing, in process quality control till the completion of finished products.

Soft Gelatin Capsule

This relatively newly developed area is one of the kind in Pakistan. Mass Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd. is the First National Company of Pakistan to have developed an Allopathic Soft Gelatin Capsule Manufacturing area.

Dedicated Hormones Facility

One of its kind, dedicated hormonal manufacturing facility in Pakistan.
Pharma Health Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. is a sister concern of Mass Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd. The company is the market leader in the field of dermatology and serving the nation by leaps and bounds. It has recently stepped foot into various other segments including psychiatry, cardiology, cosmetology etc. and aims to perform similarly.

A joint venture between Mass Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd. and Pharma Health Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. for the manufacturing of hormonal tablets, capsules and injectable medicines has recently been completed. Developed according to international standards and equipped with state of the art GMP model machinery, the manufacturing unit of Pharma Health Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. is licensed to produce products in three different hormonal dosage forms.


Quality Operations

Quality Control

Quality Control Department is the pride of Mass Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd. under the supervision of and control of an extremely faithful, hardworking and experienced professional who has an unbeatable experience of over 3 decades including his long duration of working in one of the top multinational industries.

Quality Control Houses the advanced operations of working with highly talented and professional individuals along with an impressive support of the most modern and latest equipment e.g., HPLCs, Spectrophotometry and other essential appliances.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Department is a fully operational department with its dendrites inside each and every process occurring at any stage inside the company. The department has three major sections housing a large number of experienced and well trained professionals working efficiently in their domains. The sections are:

  • In-Process Control having a separate highly equipped IPC Lab for routine testing of all processes
  • Documentation Control
  • Validation


Research & Development

Product Development and improvement of existing products is an imperative part for success and growth in pharmaceuticals industry. The company’s emphasis in this has served as a major tool for reaching the highest levels.

At Mass, a team of professionals is working continuously for the improvement in existing products, as well as for the development of new ones. Routine stability testing of products is also conducted by this department.


Engineering and Utilities

Mass Pharma has an in-house team of specialists responsible to take care of utilities and engineering. Proper and effective management of air handling and water purification system are the prime responsibilities of this department in addition to routine maintenance of the facility. A detailed preventive maintenance plan is always in place and exercised religiously to avoid interruption in manufacturing activity by minimizing any potential breakdown.


All production areas are provided with proper HVAC system. Independent air handling units are used to avoid cross contamination and to control temperature, relative humidity and bio-burden. Air Handling Units are equipped with pre-filtration, cooling coils for control of temperature, dehumidifiers for control of humidity and blowers for air-flow management. Terminal HEPA Filters and desiccant based de-humidification system is provided where required.

Water Purification System

Mass Pharma has ensured that only specially purified water, prepared using a combination of filtration, reverse osmosis and distillation techniques are used for the manufacturing of its products.

Standby Power Generation

In order to ensure continuous supply of electricity, Mass Pharma has a set of highly efficient power generators which could fulfill the electricity needs of the entire manufacturing unit in case of a power failure. In addition to this, industrial UPS are installed to ensure uninterrupted power supply during the production process.


Business Development & Exports

The assigned personnel in this department have the task to keep abreast with latest market demands and other business opportunities arising at various medical institutions within Pakistan as well as promoting our exports, They assess the real requirements of the purchasing entity, following up with all essential government and other approvals if required, analysis of the relevant pros and cons and the cost involved with final emphasis on the desired bottom line.


Supply Chain Management

Starting from Procurement department, the supply chain management reaches to the part where the distribution occurs through our subsidiaries till the very retailers who are responsible for dispensing our products to the general public. Its responsibility is thus divided into two major parts.

Procurement System

First part of the department is concerned with procurement and it has the responsibility to plan, procure (through approved vendors) and make sure all raw materials (according to pre-approved specifications) for manufacturing of our quality products are available.

The Procurement Department at Mass keeps a steady eye on the consistent availability of raw materials and other manufacturing supplies for its steady inflow both from the local and International markets to maintain the line of production uninterrupted. Proper inventory and cost control features developed and exercised through in-house systems have helped the management retain the production costs within appropriate levels.

Distribution System

The second part of the department is responsible to forward the stocks produced to the distribution house according to their requirement.

To meet the challenges of product distribution and to ensure availability of the company’s products all over the country, a well-managed distribution house exists within the company. The purpose built facility is located adjacent to the manufacturing units and has the capacity to cater to the product distribution requirements of all the companies in the group. The impressive setup has a well-established distribution network whose prime objective is to appoint distributors at district level for the distribution of company’s products all over the country.

Material Management & Storage

Material Management & Storage Department at Mass Pharma, has ample space and qualified professionals for the proper storage and handling of all raw materials, packaging components and finished goods.

The experienced leadership of the head of department combined with the technical strength of senior qualified person engrosses the quality matters into such intricate details that the quality of the starting materials and dispensed systems give the sense of reliability.

The storage spaces are now equipped with round the clock monitoring Data Loggers and the design of the areas are validated by WHO approved method of Thermal Mapping repeated throughout the year.

The differentiated storage areas comprise of:

  • Quarantine Areas
  • General Raw Material Stores and Dispensing Areas
  • Cephalosporin Raw Material Store and Dispensing Area
  • Steroidal Raw Material Store and Dispensing Area
  • Packaging Material Stores
  • Finished Goods Stores


ERP System

Mass Pharma has developed and employed an excellent integrated system to manage all of the core business processes in real-time. Through its highly professional and dynamic IT Manager and his team and their collaboration with the relevant QA and QC personnel, the results are continuously monitored and reports prepared for management review.